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MIKRA Research Laboratory, LLC (2017) is a limited liability research conservancy engaging in artifact analysis, education, research technologies development, and public exhibitions of artifacts. 


Pattern’s of Evidence: The Moses Controversy

A unique highlight of March is the premier of a new film, Pattern’s of Evidence: The Moses Controversy.  This film is produced by Thinking Man Films & Media and is a continuation of the personal journey of director Tim Mahoney as he continues to investigate whether the Torah is a reliable source of historical information.  In the film, Tim travels to Cambridge, Oxford, the Middle East, and across the United States to interview and document leading figures and key places involved in the discussion of biblical historicity.  A year ago, MIKRA CEO, Brian Rickett sat down for an on camera interview with Tim.  Together, they walked through the Hebrew text of Scripture identifying important lines of thought for an orthodox understanding of Jesus’ connection to the Torah. 

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