At MIKRA, ancient texts merge with innovative technologies.


"MIKRA" (מִקְרָא, cf. Neh. 8:8) is the Hebrew word referring to Scripture, its reading, as well as to its correct interpretation and application.  MIKRA also stands for the Manuscript Institute for Knowledge, Research, and Application. As a research laboratory, we specialize in the analysis and documentation of Hebrew religious texts, as well as to the application of discoveries made in the process of our research.  Most of these are related to textual transmission, textual studies, hermeneutics, apologetics, and related fields.

Manuscripts. We provide analyses and documentation of rare Hebrew religious texts and artifacts.  Many have special historical and cultural significance connected to world events.  Our emphasis is the scroll form of the Hebrew Old Testament and related materials. 

Institute. As an institute, we partner with accredited academic institutions promoting biblical and textual studies, apologetics, etc., in order to train young scholars in various disciplines related to textual analysis.  Additionally, we oversee a consortium of guardian institutions/organizations for the purpose of sharing resources. 

Knowledge.  To promote knowledge sharing, we utilize diverse public and private platforms including public artifact exhibits, as well as electronic database development.  These have included displays and lectures at college, university, and state capitol campuses.  Currently underway is an initiative to establish a database of digitized scrolls already in the possession of constituent institutions.  We also partner with others to aid in the placement and curatorship of artifacts with appropriate custodians.  To ensure the integrity of this process, we do not work with artifacts or items outside of our already established chain of acquisition. 

Research.  We work with academics, non-profit organizations, and others to produce useable research documents cataloging the specific features of the texts we process.  Working with other select research centers, we provide original documentation of artifacts and actively promote responsible curatorship of resources. 

Application.  The end goal of our research is applied knowledge.  In addition to the above, we are committed to producing competent handlers of the texts of Scripture, who understand and apply the original meaning of the text with skill and integrity.  This is the essence of Mikra. 

Integrating technology with antiquities to bring ancient wisdom to a contemporary world
— R. Brian Rickett, Founder and Principal Researcher

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