To supplement our exhibits and research, MIKRA has acquired a number of manuscripts and facsimilia.  They arrived this week.  Here's a sample of the facsimila: 

·        1378 (Printed 1731) Wycliffe New Testament

·        1522 Complutensian Polyglot Bible: 6 Volume Set

·        1535 Coverdale Bible

·        1536 William Tyndale Illustrated New Testament

·        1549 Matthew-Tyndale Bible

·        1560 Geneva Bible

·        1568 Bishops Illustrated Bible

·        1611 King James Bible

·        1769 Oxford Standardized 1611 King James Bible

·        1841 Hexapla Parallel New Testament

·        1684 Foxe’s Book of Martyrs

REVIEW of BIBLEWORKS 10; Part 2: Use in Artifact Exhibits

REVIEW of BIBLEWORKS 10;  Part 2: Use in Artifact Exhibits

The following will highlight some of the ways that the resource is uniquely helpful for MIKRA personnel and volunteers in preparing and conducting exhibits as part of our goal of knowledge sharing (see “Knowledge”).  Over the past year and a half, MIKRA has conducted artifact exhibits in a variety of public and private venues, from California to the Carolinas, and places in between.  The most notable of our public exhibits have been in three state capitol facilities where readers of the present article may have had access to some of the artifacts that we have featured.