Current Projects at MIKRA

(1) We have just finished compiling the manuscript and display items for a new exhibit on the history of the English Bible. The exhibit has been tested in both Florida and Arkansas and will be making its way around the US in the upcoming months.

(2) We have been experimenting with optical character resolution technologies with about a dozen ancient Greek manuscripts. Progress is going slowly due to the non-standardized script characteristic of handwritten manuscripts.

(3) We are preparing for several exhibits in governmental and educational venues beginning January, 2019. Info about these will be posted as the exhibit dates approach.

(4) The most exciting project that we are undertaking involves research on some very important ancient copies of the Gospels. We have assembled the team and designed initial proposals for the research and conservation project. More will be reported in the upcoming months. Hint: it’s not in North America.

Some Recent Projects at MIKRA

North African Sephardic Sefer Torah

Student researchers will soon be working on original analysis, documentation, and digitization of this North African Sephardic Sefer Torah. 




This summer (2018), the MIKRA Institute will begin offering select courses in partnership with accredited seminaries and universities in our affiliated partners network.  The first course will be EXEGESIS OF ECCLESIASTES, and will feature facsimilia of fragments of Ecclesiastes from the Dead Sea Scrolls (4Q109 (4QQoha), 4Q110 (4QQohb).  The fragments to be studied can be seen in this video.  For more about this course, see here


This photo is used by permission of the    Arkansas Secretary of State   .

This photo is used by permission of the Arkansas Secretary of State.


Planning for new exhibits is underway! Stay tuned to our news feed for more information on when and where. In the meantime, check out our past exhibits here